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Web 2.0

A cool summary of “Web 2.0,” and all sorts of other things Internet-related in under 5 minutes. The video successfully demonstrates (and validates) that web 2.0 is more than just the latest Internet-boom buzzword, or marketing hype. I think there really is functionality and change related to the term, and more important some technology advances that have allowed for it … see for yourself.  Not surprisingly, the video currently has over 1.5 million views on youtube. It’s similar to Account Planning … what a great example of simplification.  A professor from Kansas State University took such a complex world, the Internet and its intricacies (HTML, XML, RSS, Ajax, Java, etc.) in the year 2007, and distilled it into an easy-to-understand, visual, explanation. ; ) Simplify, simplify, simplify. Check out techcrunch for all things web 2.0 too, very fresh (It’s on my blogroll).  And of course, for more on Account Planning — read this.


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the “daily dose”

I love the idea of posting an image every day, particularly if it tells a story or represents something that happened, ideally within the 24 hours that its posted. So I’m going to do it … and I thought I’d call it the daily dose.

I googled to see if any results were unrelated to drugs and sure enough, the top result was actually a photographer who sells his images, but puts one on display each day. Bright idea. Here’s Harrison St.

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the new (diy) economy

this is old news, but definitely worth a look.

10 new ways to make money online

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candy kitsch

From coast to coast — here’s two spots that can’t be denied, when you’re searching for collectible (and edible) goodness.

Economy Candy | New York City | 108 Rivington Street

Fruit Stripe gum, Pop Rocks, Zotz, and candy buttons are only a few of the nostalgic treats you’ll find at this Lower Eastside locale. Lucky for you and I, the website gives us a chance to see (and even buy) all the crazy candy we haven’t had since we were 6. I accidentally stumbled upon this place in search of the Reed Space, when I was in NY last. It’s funny how obscure and secluded the shop is — I truly thought I found some sort of diamond in the rough. (Image: Fruition)

Galco’s Soda Pop Stop | Los Angeles | 5702 York Blvd.

If you’re thirsty on the Left coast, check out Galco’s — famous for independent and obscure Soda’s from around the world. Root beers, ginger ales, cream sodas, and other fruity, sweet, or creamy imported delicacies can be found in the humble market, where the long-time owner John Nese, can still be seen reigning over his kingdom of soda kitsch. Swindle magazine wrote a great piece on the store, which I can’t find online — but for more on the shop, and why Pepsi Co. drove John to the extreme, read this. (Image: NYT)

What’s interesting to me is that stores like these can (and do!) exist, and how important they are to our culture. The power of the Internet, as witnessed by both having deeply cataloged online stores, has given new life and legs to these two small businesses throughout the world. It’d be interesting to know how sales were effected when each shop went from local / national destination, to international ‘commodity’ online. For the collectors out there, these products used to be treats that could only be found in secret or unknown locations, and now they’re accessible to the millions with a computer and a connection. Scrumptious.

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Coffee in San Francisco just doesn’t compare to Seattle. On a rainy day, I’m truly missing Uptown Espresso, Caffe Ladro and Caffe Vita.

In the weeks to come, I’ll be experimenting each Saturday morning with a new coffee spot. I’ll report on my findings.

Up first: Blue Bottle Coffee Co. in Hayes Valley

AG – since your tastes could diversify the ratings, what do you say? Do we need to name this Saturday morning outing and make it official?

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4 of 4

It shouldn’t be any surprise that, although after 6 years of above average experience with Sprint, they’ve officially destroyed any rapport they’d established.

Here’s the deal, a bold statement, (but I’ll tell you why): Customer service from a mobile provider should top the list of reasons why you choose who you choose, when you sign up for a new plan/phone.

For me, a cell phone is the only lifeline of connectivity that allows for true instant gratification. At the airport, in the car, on the bus, even in a meeting (!) — I can call or text. I could even figure out how to send a picture. That being said though, what an incredible vulnerability it is, when you don’t have the capability.

Stuff happens. Networks go down. Handsets need to be reprogrammed. Phone numbers need to be changed. I get it. But let me tell you — having a customer service representative who doesn’t do things right, or who doesn’t know how to answer your questions? No good. I don’t like to think I can solve these things on my own, which is why they’ve got call centers around the world, and giant databases that give those people the tools to solve my technical problems. The world is flat (re: Thomas Friedman), and I think there are surefire efficiencies to it … but not when the job doesn’t get done! Just like everything else, really.

SO — when making your decision, why shouldn’t you pick the carrier that’s said to have the best phones (because low key: we all know that’s most important on a day-to-day)? The others, including Verizon, still have ATLEAST one of the latest and greatest handsets, and can probably keep your phone from being out of service as long as mine has been — just because I updated the address on my account information. I have a new cell number, so email me.

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that dude

To be completely honest, I don’t even like dogs. BUT, this is the coolest dog I’ve ever met. Seen here, Nigel’s fresh from the beach.  AG — job well done.

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