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It shouldn’t be any surprise that, although after 6 years of above average experience with Sprint, they’ve officially destroyed any rapport they’d established.

Here’s the deal, a bold statement, (but I’ll tell you why): Customer service from a mobile provider should top the list of reasons why you choose who you choose, when you sign up for a new plan/phone.

For me, a cell phone is the only lifeline of connectivity that allows for true instant gratification. At the airport, in the car, on the bus, even in a meeting (!) — I can call or text. I could even figure out how to send a picture. That being said though, what an incredible vulnerability it is, when you don’t have the capability.

Stuff happens. Networks go down. Handsets need to be reprogrammed. Phone numbers need to be changed. I get it. But let me tell you — having a customer service representative who doesn’t do things right, or who doesn’t know how to answer your questions? No good. I don’t like to think I can solve these things on my own, which is why they’ve got call centers around the world, and giant databases that give those people the tools to solve my technical problems. The world is flat (re: Thomas Friedman), and I think there are surefire efficiencies to it … but not when the job doesn’t get done! Just like everything else, really.

SO — when making your decision, why shouldn’t you pick the carrier that’s said to have the best phones (because low key: we all know that’s most important on a day-to-day)? The others, including Verizon, still have ATLEAST one of the latest and greatest handsets, and can probably keep your phone from being out of service as long as mine has been — just because I updated the address on my account information. I have a new cell number, so email me.


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