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In other news …

The new Comcast Ch 1 rebrand is well underway, and the website that we’ve come up with is what I like to call “dominant”.  Play around on it

Also, a Washington’s Lottery campaign I worked on in Seattle is getting rave reviews.  I’m not a copywriter and I know “advertising is perpetuating all of our societal problems,” but I definitely thought the billboards were funny.  Apparently — I was way off.

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Hoops commercials

In commemoration of our presentation to the NBA, I’ll post another all-time favorite hoops commercial.  Here’s the kicker though — similar to Andy’s Jamie Barrett story, I met the Creative Director who’s done more than one of the favorite commercials that I’ve posted, Geoff Edwards.  He did the entire ‘Impossible is Nothing’ campaign for Adidas and Chiat SF, but he also did the 23 v. 39 Michael Jordan spot from Gatorade, which can be found here.  He’s now at Mccann working on Xbox.  What a great contribution Geoff has made to basketball / sneaker culture, including this:

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I’ve been known to unload a few things on eBay, and I’ve always loved doing it because of the strategy. You can easily sell stuff, but to sell it well (by making the most money for the lowest auction costs) … is a whole ‘nother story. I’d always thought it would be cool to give a creative thinking class an assignment to sell some stuff on eBay. Anything they like. The trick, and most interesting aspect of the assignment, would be figuring out how to build their auction so that its most effective (high selling price, good viewership, and of course, the most profit possible).

Apparently, a professor already did something similar. I read this nice businessweek article about the entrepreneurial spirit and the influence of eBay.

The ebay school of business

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Supreme X Oakley

I love collaboration.

I love when two companies get together and mash up their products/lifestyle to create something that elevates both brands to a higher level. What a perfect way to make Oakley somewhat “cool” again, to non muscle-beach-bound superjocks, or cyclists. I remember wanting a pair of Oakleys, in their youthful hayday, back in 8th grade. Supreme crushes, again.

Images: Supreme

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the land of fixed gears

After having dinner @ Dosa with Andy/Kristen, and their friends Chad/Shannon, I was inspired by a conversation we had about fixed gears, and the messenger culture.

And what Sunday would be complete without a Caffe Trieste mocha?  For the first-timers, make sure you get the whip cream.

Back to the regular blog schedule tomorrow.

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dikembe mutumbo

this guy is a character.


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