There is something so geeky about unboxing.com, a website where contributors post videos and photos of them opening up their newest gadgets. At the same time though, I love the idea because I think packaging is such a unique (and differentiating) touchpoint for brands and consumers. The site is inspiring to me because I can feel the excitement of getting the newest electronic product that’s just hit the market, but I can also get a sense of how (or if) companies are innovating. Who hasn’t kept the packaging from any Apple product they’ve ever bought?

I’ve recently begun a giant unboxing undertaking in my new apartment, and unlike getting new toys — there’s also an aspect of the process that just isn’t that exciting. It’s a serious love/hate.

LOVE: Unpacking is like opening giant, moving box-sized, Christmas presents. All your favorite belongings that you haven’t seen in over a month. Sneakers, clothes, books, toys … toiletries even.

HATE: Unpacking is like opening giant, moving box-sized, trash cans. Dusty clothes you forgot to wash, knick-knacks from your desk drawers, and all sorts of other stuff you lived without for a month and never once thought of it.

Atleast that was MY experience. Luckily, there’s eBay. AND in true unboxing fashion here’s two highlights from the unboxing fiesta.

I’d be content with just books and sneakers.


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  1. nice . this is really safe .

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