I’ve always thought type was such a unique way to give a word some feeling. I started reading more, and digging a little deeper in the past couple days when I discovered House Industries, a very cool typography company, who’s fonts you’ll probably recognize, even if you can’t pinpoint where you saw it. Somehow, I hadn’t made the connection from the streetwear brand House 33 I’ve seen a lot of, but it all makes perfect sense now. Very cool company(s), doing good things.

Secondly, I came across an interesting documentary about the font Helvetica. Brief description from the website: Helvetica is a feature-length independent film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture. It looks at the proliferation of one typeface (which is celebrating its 50th birthday this year) as part of a larger conversation about the way type affects our lives.

View the Berlin video montage

It premieres at the SXSW film festival this weekend.


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