the art of streetwear / part one

Something unique about streetwear and street culture, is the use of certain products as canvasses, for artists to collaborate with companies, and to interpret the product with their own individual style. I’ve been brainstorming all the different products that have been the icons of collaborations, and with this post I’ll start a series of identifying them. Up first, the New Era fitted hat.

New Era Cap Company established itself as the authentic cap of Major League Baseball over 70 years ago, and since then has been an urban staple for sports fans and hip hop culture alike, with particularly strong roots in New York City. Over the last couple of years, the New Era 5950 has been re-interpreted in many creative forms by independent streetwear brands all over the world, as the hat that best represents street lifestyle. New Era is a brand, that in my mind, bleeds authenticity — whether paired with an artist or a team of any type. The product alone, and its reincarnation through streetwear, has created fresh new business opportunities, even for New Era. They owe the culture a big thank you.

Staple Design X New Era

Stussy X New Era

Goods X New Era

Shown above are hats by Staple Design, Stussy, and Goods.


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