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Can you keep a secret?

There’s no need for cable TV, and DVD rentals anymore. Don’t tell anybody.

free tv shows and free movies, streaming online

I have a feeling its only just begun.


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web 2.0 hype

I love the different charts that silicon valley gossip site Valleywag creates. Having just moved to San Francisco, they’re my number one source for the unique world and culture of technology that exists in the bay.

I like how the simple (or not so simple) chart above portrays three different wavelengths/lifecycles of some of the most talked about companies in the technology space.  The group at valleywag are a sarcastic bunch, so they manage to mock corporate culture with some subtlety. Fun perspective.

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the glory days

Patrick, Dominique and a special guest … (minus the “cheating”)

… this is too easy.

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“viral” videos = dead.  Except for Nike short films or commercials from Japan … which I think are more creative/captivating than anything viral in the US anyways. I’m biased, I love 97% of the work Nike’s agency(s) do.

I’m not really sure how to describe this … but it features three characters who live normal lives, until they’re each enhanced by a different superpower. That superpower being one of the product features of the Nike Free 7. The animation is wild.

Thanks to DK for enlightening me, and you can watch it here — via neu black

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the take-away shows

A weekly feature from Paris blog/podcast La Blogotheque where each week, they meet a band and then they perform in some random place.  Watch arcade fire perform in an elevator, or the shins perform acoustic outside in a montmartre courtyard.  I don’t even like “indie rock” but the unique places the bands play kept me watching.

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the holy grail.

Nike finally launched their 25th anniversary/web database tribute to the Air Force One:  1thology.  Even if you don’t collect/appreciate/like sneakers … play around on this site anyways.  You can sort by color, style, and year the shoes came out.  Wow.


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To add some fire to the NBA spot battle … here’s a classic.  Undeniably one of the best.

‘Nuff said.


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