Game over?

Let’s be honest … the NBA spot battle has only just begun.

The Nike Freestyle commercial, which anyone who reads this has already seen, has been self-promoted as victory by Mr. AG.

Don’t get me wrong — that’s an incredible idea/ad. (The statement gets its own line for emphasis)

And it even could be the best known Nike ad — by individuals that aren’t necessarily basketball fans. But here’s my “strikeback”.

In my mind, there isn’t an ad or campaign that influenced culture (basketball culture, sneaker culture, the entertainment industry, hip-hop culture) than the series of Mars Blackmon ads for Mr. Air Jordan. In my opinion — pick any of them, its better.

The first Mars Blackmon commercial (Air Jordan III)

Can / Can’t (Air Jordan IV)

Is it the shoes? (Air Jordan V)

And of course, the last Mars Blackmon commercial ever to be made (hopefully)

And in reality — that didn’t even do justice to the other commercials in my mind, both Mars Blackmon commercials, and those that still haven’t been recognized. Here’s one more, a teaser … you can’t even find it on youtube. AG — step your game up. Game on.



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3 responses to “Game over?

  1. Wonderful. Game on.

  2. These are really good. You have to admit Andy’s took a ferocious bite. You bounced back and tied the game. There should be a scoreboard .

  3. I think once the battle is done (assuming Andy ever responds, maybe he feels defeated?) I’ll create a poll on my blog, and see if I can’t get some voters to determine the best.

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