the art of streetwear / part two

In case you missed part one

The Be@rbrick by Medicom Toy Company

Medicom is a Japanese company that originated back in 1996. Their first products were 12-inch action figures, but they also developed a toy character called a Be@rbrick. They produced several series’ of the standard “100%” Be@rbrick (which is about 4 inches tall), and they’re sold by ‘blind assortment’ — which means the boxes they come in are like opening a pack of baseball cards, you never know which figure you’re going to get. Some have the probability of 1/6 boxes, while others are much higher (1/96). Here’s the site for the latest release, series 13. For special projects, they started creating 400% (12 inches) and 1000% (about 2.5 feet) size Be@rbricks.

Image: Giant Robot

Medicom is truly a toy company for big kids, and they’ve always been driven by culture. As a curator, they’ve chosen an eclectic mix from so many avenues of art, design, and entertainment. Characters from comic books, cereal boxes, cartoons, videogames, movies. Artists from the fashion, and design worlds. And as of the last few years, the founders and innovators of street culture.  Like a New Era fitted, the Be@rbrick has been a canvas used over and over by street brands and artists. It was one of the first products to be embraced by the culture for collaboration.

Be@rbricks by Nike Skateboarding, and Futura

Images: Toy Tokyo


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