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That’s all, and that’s it.


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It must be summer.

Because the heavyweight albums are gaining momentum.

Kanye’s pre-album mixtape, courtesy of Nah Right (the realest site on the Internets)

And the new video, for his first single “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”

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Brooklyn.  The real deal.

And, of course, Mr. ‘Make it Happen’ himself…

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Philly and NYC

Visiting my people (clients in Philly and friends in Brooklyn).

Philadelphia was fresh. Pat’s and Geno’s. Tough choice.

My playlist for Philly:

Do you want more!!!
Live album
Tipping Point
Just arrived to NYC last night.

BROOK NAM Playlist:

Madlib + Kweli – Liberation
The Beautiful Struggle

And of course:

EVERYTHING, pre-Blueprint 2

The realest!

SHOUTS to BGA on that Gears of War!

Wait for it ….. pictures from both cities to come.

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so wrong.

An email from a co-worker, sent to a small group of friends, said this among other things:

“… in other news, spiders bit me last night and laid their eggs in my tear duct, which is now swollen. awesome!”

Gruesome.  And funny!

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After last week’s Hollywood extravaganza, this week it’s Baltimore.

The gentlemen above might be offended when I’m sitting first class in sneakers and jeans.

Shouts to Rawls.

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