Talib Kweli’s Ear Drum

There’s some interesting stuff on here:
“Hostile Gospel” – layered piano, raspy snares, gospel chorus.
“The Perfect Beat” – KRS feature!, an unexpectedly ill stab, and smooth bounce.
“Soon the New Day” – If you can seperate the visual — Norah Jones assists nicely.
“Hell” – It’s just moody. And eerily enchanting.

and my man Joseph would not forgive if I didn’t mention the Hi-Tek produced “More of Less”. Lyrics aside, my favorite aspect of the track is the B-3, and that stretched cymbal / dull wood-blocked snare combo.

Say somethin!

To me, it sounds like the same old Kweli. Primarily vintage, with a couple edgy and experimental tracks, and a pretty smooth aftertaste (read: takeaway).

My rating: 3.3 on a 4 point scale


Kweli’s website


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One response to “Talib Kweli’s Ear Drum

  1. hostile gospel is by far the best track on there. hell isnt too far behind.

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