Pharrell and the Yessirs

?uestlove took Pharrell’s overly mediocre/on the verge of downright horrible ‘In My Mind,’ and uniquely turned it into this, effortlessly.

I shouldn’t be suprised, but Skateboard P’s original release, which was even edgier Neptunes spacey (!) –the wildest atmospheric synths, off-time claps, and minor chord sequences–was only heard once or twice out of MY speakers.  It was just strange to try and visualize what I was hearing.  The singles sold the album, but belonged and sounded much more like they were meant for Clones.

?uest just changed all of that. The whole mood, tone, feel, everything has been changed. But the tracks are still … similar? It’s true. The Roots’ drummer simply replaced the once bubbling and burbling sound with some vintage sounding soft tones, and of course his signature Roots-esque backbone on the drums. I don’t know why I’m suprised, but I still am. What a facelift.

2 reasons (among many) why ?uestlove is one of the most talented artists … in history? Yes.

1. He’s a REAL, physical, drummer. (I’m biased, obviously). Kits, sets, sticks, snares, cymbals, hats, REAL! — and one of the most influential artists in hip hop/rap, a genre that is defined by samples and synths.

2. He plays live, he composes, he writes, he produces. He even turns “fake”, digital, synthesized sounds and songs, into real instrumentals. The dude doesn’t tap out rhythms on MPC’s, he bangs them out on drum kits.

So that might have been more than 2 reasons. Here’s a sample of the album.

And here’s a link to download. Big mistake if you don’t.

Why’s this such a grassroots side project, only on the Internets? This should be perfectly mixed, and released. I’d pay for the real deal.


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