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an exceptional travel day.

my direct flight to boston was cancelled; instead I was put on a connection through chicago as my only viable option, and it was 2 hrs. later then the time I arrived at the airport

luckily, both flights were in first class, and I had some premiere entertainment: the new common album, vanity fair, and blades of glory as the in-flight movie.

then. the first emergency landing of my travel career. 40 minutes into my flight to boston from o’hare (shown above), the electronics in the cabin were shut down entirely (air, lights, movie, etc.) because there was a strange electrical “smell” coming from the kitchen galley in back. we turned around, de-planed, and waited for 1.5 hrs for another plane/flight.

but it all worked out — i spotted Just Blaze real low key in the airport, ironically while on the phone with the biggest justin blaze stan that exists. it was pretty funny.  jb is definitely killing right now.

ps go listen to ti – help is coming.

pps jay-z – public service announcement.

’nuff said.


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the great american bash 2007

so on sunday evening, we had the ultimate pleasure of attending a pay-per-view WWE wrestling event. the tickets were courtesy of Comcast, and the spirits were flowing in the “VIP room” at the HP Pavilion (that’s an arena). what a spectacle it was.

below are some WWE loyalists, and the above picture really is this guy

be smart. catch all the highlights right here

You can’t see me — like John Cena.

keep hatin’

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Ryan Stoner — EVP, Director of Hating

My boy Stoneage been featured once before … but this time for a more significant reason than becoming freshly single (thus his included job title above). Ryan’s gone ahead and been interviewed/quoted in an advertising publication, one that us advertising folks are all relatively familiar with.

Although he doesn’t say anything too smart for being a “Senior Planner,” he’s atleast told me personally that he’s bringing hip hop into advertising with his Fat Joe-inspired “Lean back / Lean forward” analogy. That’s commendable.

Click here for a good time. And remember — on your way to the top, don’t forget to send the elevator back down.

Lastly, by default — here’s Fat Joe

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Kanye X Murakami

It’s a love/hate with Kanye. But really. I said it before, and I’ll say it again: Who else gets Takashi Murakami for cover art? The only problem is … its not the real album cover, and it doesn’t even look good.

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low key

that deal

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I didn’t realize I was that ugly.

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