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first off — i shouldn’t even be writing about this.  i really shouldn’t.  im feeling like jim ross right now, hi to the.  no cowboy hat.  onward.

curtis said “f*** jimmy iovine.”  that’s old news.  he’s from 134th st.

the new news is that curtis speaks on “the bet” and how it was planned to generate media hype for both albums and cement sept 11 as a memorable release date to even the most casual music listeners.  obviously.  letter time.

dear curtis,

i think “the bet” was the best thing you could have possibly done (especially out of desperation) for decent marketing and promotion of your new album.  80% of your media audience doesn’t understand what exactly your commentary created for you.  and in reality, you’re the underdog in this situation, going against a competitor who’s promotion was flawless (you had to have seen what the little things did — the entourage cameo and “good life” snippet?  those “shades”?).  why not soak up a little bit of that shine?  i get it.  i see you curt!!

lowsky though brosky, you’re already defending your loss by saying def jam will buy out records themselves if the sales don’t match up after the first few days.  that’s not strategy, that’s a career-insurance policy.

just keep it real, curt.  im not hatin, im just sayin.

your #1 wanksta,


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these guys?


that picture is so classic it semi-had to be black and white’d, although not by me.

we’ve received both verbal and email confirmation from BGA. i guess now its super super official.

sic wit it — 22’s on arrival. don’t sleep.

sept 14, see you then.


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drivin me wild

featuring the new common video for the 2nd single w lily allen. nahright and onsmash stay on point. nisan83 said it best though. my simple weigh-in is below.

i actually kind of like the look and feel of the video at times, especially that hallway shot. but, put all that aside very quickly and TIME it OUT: a phantom? jeremy pivven? baron davis?

hip hop has reached new levels of WWE’dom.

did that just happen?

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special occasions

wilbon J.R.

and a monte cristo

hi to the — that is far from it

PRINT!!  i see you fam.

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the new napa?

healdsburg, ca

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trapped in the closet – chapters 13-22

10 new chapters @ ifc

just when you thought kells was done.

that is just comical.

stop already.

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new sprint blackberry “video”

i didn’t really know what to call this:

looks familiar..

here’s the microsite

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