it aint a movie dog!

thurs. evening


this guy. whoa!!

the fri. night standard + wait.

the infamous evidence.

ERROR # 128pWOMD.SNWMN.ATSM: image has been removed



thanks to everyone at campus / wk / lifted (jay, D, des, wulf, dell everybody)

acehole8, the new house is right! i hope you cut the grass though.

razorblade city is wrapped. legacy 9 does it AGAIN!!




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2 responses to “it aint a movie dog!

  1. nisan83

    Perfect recap. We need to sequel this one. Flashing Lights…

  2. JC

    …what a weekend…you got the ‘Tots” and had the late night ‘cakes on Powell…nice…and the waitress is callin’ out Dr. Etiquette!!…OH NO YOU DITN’T…you look totally innocent…I know you were…what time was that? Nice entry!

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