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supreme x murakami


im not sure how many people kanye considers a “modern day warhol” but i’m pretty sure he’s mentioned both david lachapelle and takashi murakami before.

murakami got serious momentum from the kanye album art, and it just keeps building.

its ironic to write a ‘death of supreme’ post, and then tout their new products the next day, but shit like that doesn’t matter when you write what you want, when you want to!!

supreme artist collaborations annihilate every other street lifestyle/culture/cheesy marketing term brand out there. these are skateboard decks … designed by one of the most influential japanese pop artists, ever. smarten up, lames.

if these aren’t already next to kanye’s jetsons prints, they will be soon.

via supreme


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a pop art haven

kanye west’s home in los angeles.

feature by Interior Design

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before the credits roll

a flickr gallery of famous movie endings.

via swissmiss

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Kanye West X So_Me


wordpress doesn’t support onsmash videos, but they should.

kanye west gets assistance from parisian artist/illustrator so_me for the good life video (here). HERE’S ANOTHER HIT (barry bonds), and a fresh video.

i thought it was parra, who has nicer type.  my fault.

so_me also did the justice ‘dance’ video:

and it’s STILL too bad this one didn’t get printed:

wilbon JR (birdcall) keep hatin’.

nahright was on it.

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common @ mezzanine

last night’s show:  sept. 5, 2007

and a nice SF-centric freestyle:

I’ll say it:

Common shut it down.


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hot thing

like the song; hate the video

talk about giving HP some undeserved cultural cred.

unless kweli’s getting paid like jay-z?

i can’t decide if this is very, very:

a. flattering for goodby or b. embarrassing for kweli

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