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Tokyo / Shinkjuku

35 years of growth in Tokyo’s Shinjuku — in 1o seconds.


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these guys?


that picture is so classic it semi-had to be black and white’d, although not by me.

we’ve received both verbal and email confirmation from BGA. i guess now its super super official.

sic wit it — 22’s on arrival. don’t sleep.

sept 14, see you then.


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new sprint blackberry “video”

i didn’t really know what to call this:

looks familiar..

here’s the microsite

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Ryan Stoner — EVP, Director of Hating

My boy Stoneage been featured once before … but this time for a more significant reason than becoming freshly single (thus his included job title above). Ryan’s gone ahead and been interviewed/quoted in an advertising publication, one that us advertising folks are all relatively familiar with.

Although he doesn’t say anything too smart for being a “Senior Planner,” he’s atleast told me personally that he’s bringing hip hop into advertising with his Fat Joe-inspired “Lean back / Lean forward” analogy. That’s commendable.

Click here for a good time. And remember — on your way to the top, don’t forget to send the elevator back down.

Lastly, by default — here’s Fat Joe

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low key

that deal

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nerd tattoos

tattoos are a cool art form, but they last forever.  on your body.

it takes some serious dedication to get your favorite video game, or computer company tattoo’d on your leg, no?

here’s some more

but let’s up the ante a bit. what about semi-permanent tattoos?  real looking tattoos, with real needles embedding real ink underneath the top layer of your skin.  imagine how many people would get them, if they could basically just wipe them away whenever they chose to.

thanks to my planning partner in crime, the king of 80’s memoribilia, chris lintz, who’s big idea was to create them — we discovered yesterday that its about to happen (and with that his lifelong entrepreneurial dreams were smashed). MIT is on the case. and they eventually lead me to Freedom-2.  the things we can do these days, with a little nanotechnology. i’ve already decided my first two, giant, semi-permanent tatts will be on my forearms. of dangerous species. one of a shark. and one of a poisonous snake.

imagine that.

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easy money

when i was in school, my roommate and i used to lie about our alcohol consumption, or having bought a car recently, just to be a participant in a focus group. it usually meant $75-$100 for an hour or so, of sitting around a table and having a “conversation,” which for me meant that my next pair of sneakers was basically a free pair. while the groups themselves always felt a little suspect (think: corporate office parks, conference rooms with few windows and nothing on the walls, and day-old cookie platters or soggy sandwhiches), all of the world’s biggest brands were doing them, and still do.

fast-forward. times have changed. i grew up a little. and i actually conduct those things now. so i can’t support lying to be a participant. but if i were to support it, like New York magazine, i’d help people figure out how to make a living off them too.  who knows, at some point i could probably write a book about it.  and sell a couple hundred copies.  maybe it would just be a downloadable .pdf, for the greater good.

read this article, it brings back some serious memories of money-making.

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