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kanye on nightline


but 2 things:

1.  he claims he’s the mcdonald’s or coca-cola of music

2. his kitchen table is beyond words

print it.

legacy 9, i see you.


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gilbert arenas’ sneaker war


from his blog:

“I’m a trend setter, people. I don’t want other shoe companies to try to jack my style now. My swag is too phenomenal. If any other basketball player out there wants to compete with my shoes, go ahead, we can have a 50 and Kanye right here. We can start it up, baby. I’ll be the bad guy. We can have a sneaker war.”

adidas continues to oversaturate the “limited edition” sneaker marketplace (think: 35th superstar anniversary, and adicolor series) with 20 different colorways of the GilIIZero’s releasing throughout the season.

the sneaker looks right though (pictured above is the wizard’s away jersey colorway). for more information and detailed releases, his blog.

marketing aside — gilbert is officially that deal.

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a pop art haven

kanye west’s home in los angeles.

feature by Interior Design

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Kanye West X So_Me


wordpress doesn’t support onsmash videos, but they should.

kanye west gets assistance from parisian artist/illustrator so_me for the good life video (here). HERE’S ANOTHER HIT (barry bonds), and a fresh video.

i thought it was parra, who has nicer type.  my fault.

so_me also did the justice ‘dance’ video:

and it’s STILL too bad this one didn’t get printed:

wilbon JR (birdcall) keep hatin’.

nahright was on it.

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de la soul @ club 6

friday night’s show: sept. 7, 2007

legendary status.  a musical week.  L — another good look.  NEXT?

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common @ mezzanine

last night’s show:  sept. 5, 2007

and a nice SF-centric freestyle:

I’ll say it:

Common shut it down.


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flashing lights

not the sneakers — pause — fast forward to the future and we have a top 3 song in mr fresh’s discography. just my no-music talent having opinion (J.R. keep hatin’; “bronze mega” listen again).

that record is so right. i think ive played it 100x.

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