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special occasions

wilbon J.R.

and a monte cristo

hi to the — that is far from it

PRINT!!  i see you fam.

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lets start the show.

Aug. 23 – Aug. 27, can we please welcome:

mike jeah! aka
mike g aka
mike wii aka
mike wilbon jr.
(who looks a little bit like bobby v, with a fresh cut … low key)


5 reasons why you’re possibly mad right now:

1. because wilbon J.R. will cop the quarter century ticket in SF

2. because the world edition’s will match

3. because the wii is in the backpack

4. because the camera’s getting upgraded


5. because it’s going to be real serious, like the LP.

you pick.

in other news … it’s official. that’s all, and that’s it.

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a night in pdx

the pearl.

first thurs.

city industry

late night

the house favorite

and the king of kings.

the national tour part deux rolls on.

keep hatin’

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independence day

the independence day extravaganza will be done in greater style and pizazz for 2k8, but I must say 2k7 was quite the jumpoff for the first annual family gathering.

the grill was supersized

fluent was fresher than the fruit he brought and chopped.

the CHEF did his thing

but its hard to talk fly on the phone, AND put the chicken on.

the future.

and some of that candid, improvisational “freestyling, rap battle stuff”.

northnext! TM copyright 2006-2007

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the great outdoors

thinking of the great pacific northwest, and Village Pizza in Roslyn.

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candy kitsch

From coast to coast — here’s two spots that can’t be denied, when you’re searching for collectible (and edible) goodness.

Economy Candy | New York City | 108 Rivington Street

Fruit Stripe gum, Pop Rocks, Zotz, and candy buttons are only a few of the nostalgic treats you’ll find at this Lower Eastside locale. Lucky for you and I, the website gives us a chance to see (and even buy) all the crazy candy we haven’t had since we were 6. I accidentally stumbled upon this place in search of the Reed Space, when I was in NY last. It’s funny how obscure and secluded the shop is — I truly thought I found some sort of diamond in the rough. (Image: Fruition)

Galco’s Soda Pop Stop | Los Angeles | 5702 York Blvd.

If you’re thirsty on the Left coast, check out Galco’s — famous for independent and obscure Soda’s from around the world. Root beers, ginger ales, cream sodas, and other fruity, sweet, or creamy imported delicacies can be found in the humble market, where the long-time owner John Nese, can still be seen reigning over his kingdom of soda kitsch. Swindle magazine wrote a great piece on the store, which I can’t find online — but for more on the shop, and why Pepsi Co. drove John to the extreme, read this. (Image: NYT)

What’s interesting to me is that stores like these can (and do!) exist, and how important they are to our culture. The power of the Internet, as witnessed by both having deeply cataloged online stores, has given new life and legs to these two small businesses throughout the world. It’d be interesting to know how sales were effected when each shop went from local / national destination, to international ‘commodity’ online. For the collectors out there, these products used to be treats that could only be found in secret or unknown locations, and now they’re accessible to the millions with a computer and a connection. Scrumptious.

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