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special occasions

wilbon J.R.

and a monte cristo

hi to the — that is far from it

PRINT!!  i see you fam.

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and they say chi city.

hot doug’s; go ahead and google that. hammer — that was a good look.

for the “foodies” — the website doesn’t quite do moto justice. that was unreal.

ran out of time for harolds. that’s up next. wilbon jr./son of aries — lets arrange that.



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independence day

the independence day extravaganza will be done in greater style and pizazz for 2k8, but I must say 2k7 was quite the jumpoff for the first annual family gathering.

the grill was supersized

fluent was fresher than the fruit he brought and chopped.

the CHEF did his thing

but its hard to talk fly on the phone, AND put the chicken on.

the future.

and some of that candid, improvisational “freestyling, rap battle stuff”.

northnext! TM copyright 2006-2007

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the land of fixed gears

After having dinner @ Dosa with Andy/Kristen, and their friends Chad/Shannon, I was inspired by a conversation we had about fixed gears, and the messenger culture.

And what Sunday would be complete without a Caffe Trieste mocha?  For the first-timers, make sure you get the whip cream.

Back to the regular blog schedule tomorrow.

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dim sum

and then some.

Someone I know said “It’s just good … I don’t know.”

It’s also in Pagoda Alley. That always helps.

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