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when money wins.

or another proper title would have been the unfortunate retirement of street/skate/lifestyle heavyweight supreme.

here’s 3 key reasons why, in descending order:

3.  they’re exporting their line to other shops — now you can get supreme at huf, commonwealth or your other favorite “street” boutique around the country.

2.  the stock is higher than ever (in both senses) — i was in the la store this weekend and could have bought any piece in the entire fall collection, excluding that tera patrick t-shirt.

1.  here’s the the kicker — and i’d like to use an image:

a web store.


it all boils down to tons of accessibility.  and while part of supreme’s appeal was the philosophy/lifestyle/artistic collaboration behind their products, another important piece of its desirability was the fact that it was hard to come by.  there was that in-the-know’ness that came with only being able to purchase at the physical supreme locations.

no longer.

money is finally > than authenticity and credibility.

times change!!

not hatin’.  just sayin’.

(i heard it first @ guillotine)


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low key

that deal

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easy money

when i was in school, my roommate and i used to lie about our alcohol consumption, or having bought a car recently, just to be a participant in a focus group. it usually meant $75-$100 for an hour or so, of sitting around a table and having a “conversation,” which for me meant that my next pair of sneakers was basically a free pair. while the groups themselves always felt a little suspect (think: corporate office parks, conference rooms with few windows and nothing on the walls, and day-old cookie platters or soggy sandwhiches), all of the world’s biggest brands were doing them, and still do.

fast-forward. times have changed. i grew up a little. and i actually conduct those things now. so i can’t support lying to be a participant. but if i were to support it, like New York magazine, i’d help people figure out how to make a living off them too.  who knows, at some point i could probably write a book about it.  and sell a couple hundred copies.  maybe it would just be a downloadable .pdf, for the greater good.

read this article, it brings back some serious memories of money-making.

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for free on the internets

thank you to the nerd with swag

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ladies and gentlemen…

please give a warm welcome to stoneage.

He’s baaaaacckkkkk!!!!  Shouts to the big homey.

No, YOU da man.

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The profit calculator

how many, including drug dealers and cabbies, make a buck in nyc

via Frank 151 / NY Mag

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I’ve been known to unload a few things on eBay, and I’ve always loved doing it because of the strategy. You can easily sell stuff, but to sell it well (by making the most money for the lowest auction costs) … is a whole ‘nother story. I’d always thought it would be cool to give a creative thinking class an assignment to sell some stuff on eBay. Anything they like. The trick, and most interesting aspect of the assignment, would be figuring out how to build their auction so that its most effective (high selling price, good viewership, and of course, the most profit possible).

Apparently, a professor already did something similar. I read this nice businessweek article about the entrepreneurial spirit and the influence of eBay.

The ebay school of business

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