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greg oden

its pretty official.  the future dentist will miss his 07/08 rookie season.

BGA — you had the premonition.

JR — your boy is killin me.


that’s that dude.  1000takes for the pic


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that dude


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it aint a movie dog!

thurs. evening


this guy. whoa!!

the fri. night standard + wait.

the infamous evidence.

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thanks to everyone at campus / wk / lifted (jay, D, des, wulf, dell everybody)

acehole8, the new house is right! i hope you cut the grass though.

razorblade city is wrapped. legacy 9 does it AGAIN!!



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independence day

the independence day extravaganza will be done in greater style and pizazz for 2k8, but I must say 2k7 was quite the jumpoff for the first annual family gathering.

the grill was supersized

fluent was fresher than the fruit he brought and chopped.

the CHEF did his thing

but its hard to talk fly on the phone, AND put the chicken on.

the future.

and some of that candid, improvisational “freestyling, rap battle stuff”.

northnext! TM copyright 2006-2007

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The long-awaited return visit to the NW begins today.

Not that I update this thing regularly, but I’m taking a week’s hiatus.

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Out of the office in a hurry; stolen image from Andy’s blog

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