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Ryan Stoner — EVP, Director of Hating

My boy Stoneage been featured once before … but this time for a more significant reason than becoming freshly single (thus his included job title above). Ryan’s gone ahead and been interviewed/quoted in an advertising publication, one that us advertising folks are all relatively familiar with.

Although he doesn’t say anything too smart for being a “Senior Planner,” he’s atleast told me personally that he’s bringing hip hop into advertising with his Fat Joe-inspired “Lean back / Lean forward” analogy. That’s commendable.

Click here for a good time. And remember — on your way to the top, don’t forget to send the elevator back down.

Lastly, by default — here’s Fat Joe


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easy money

when i was in school, my roommate and i used to lie about our alcohol consumption, or having bought a car recently, just to be a participant in a focus group. it usually meant $75-$100 for an hour or so, of sitting around a table and having a “conversation,” which for me meant that my next pair of sneakers was basically a free pair. while the groups themselves always felt a little suspect (think: corporate office parks, conference rooms with few windows and nothing on the walls, and day-old cookie platters or soggy sandwhiches), all of the world’s biggest brands were doing them, and still do.

fast-forward. times have changed. i grew up a little. and i actually conduct those things now. so i can’t support lying to be a participant. but if i were to support it, like New York magazine, i’d help people figure out how to make a living off them too.  who knows, at some point i could probably write a book about it.  and sell a couple hundred copies.  maybe it would just be a downloadable .pdf, for the greater good.

read this article, it brings back some serious memories of money-making.

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Commonwealth X Nascar

What a strange brand move for the DC/Virgina ‘streetwear’ shop Commonwealth.

I want to know more. How did all this come about? What’s the strategy?

Here’s a snippet from the Commonwealth blog, which alludes to a couple different possibilites:

“… we look foward to exposure of the Commonwealth lifestyle amongst the fans of racing as well as helping grow diversity of its fanbase.”

1. NASCAR knows its audience, and wants a little more, leading edge, cool credibility. (Less likely)

Maybe it was the driver, and the team. Maybe it was the racing association as a whole. Maybe its just experimentation across the board. It’s no secret that NASCAR fans are primarily white, southern/eastern, and fall into a lower income bracket. Either way, sponsorship — albeit just for one race — is probably still expensive. And I can’t imagine the association would offer that up for free. SO, see possibility #2, a more realistic option in my mind.

2. Commonwealth wants to be more than the local sneaker/clothing destination.

Infineon raceway, where the car will be driving, is eerily close to home in Sonoma, CA. Just above the Bay area. Commonwealth locations are on the other side of the country, in DC and Virgina (the race is televised on TNT). That could mean a couple things, but says to me that the motivation is for sheer ‘eyeballs’. It’s like KidRobot’s traffic-centric idea to be housed on the 3rd St. Promenade in Santa Monica. Ask them how that worked out.

BUT, it could also mean Commonwealth is making a play for California. That’s interesting too.

Either way, a decision like that HAD to be highly calculated. I can’t imagine sponsoring a driver/car in a NASCAR race as a new avenue of marketing for ‘streetwear’ shops. I wish I knew the justification for such a choice. That’s wild, but intriguing. From a “brand strategy” perspective.

I don’t have the slightest interest in NASCAR, but I honestly like a couple things that Commonwealth has done.

via Commonwealth C to the JL

and also Jayski’s silly season site; cup news


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In other Hollywood news..


Check out my all-star silent performance in this clip from last night’s episode of David Spade’s the Showbiz Show.

I was walking out of the Mondrian in LA on Monday, and they called me over.  I’ve done my share of ‘Man on the Street’ interviews, so I figured I’d help them out.  I actually didn’t do much talking at all though..

Hightlights = Supreme X Public Enemy t-shirt in full view.

Lowerlights = my hair?

Next up, my feature film.. stay tuned.

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I know — it’s been basketball madness on my blog lately.  And it is a bit out of control.

Basketball = life right now, and our spots for the NBA Playoffs came to fruition.

David Blaine is one bad mo’fo.

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In other news …

The new Comcast Ch 1 rebrand is well underway, and the website that we’ve come up with is what I like to call “dominant”.  Play around on it

Also, a Washington’s Lottery campaign I worked on in Seattle is getting rave reviews.  I’m not a copywriter and I know “advertising is perpetuating all of our societal problems,” but I definitely thought the billboards were funny.  Apparently — I was way off.

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AT&T of 1993

Here’s a series of commercials from AT&T circa the early 90’s, where they depict the future of communications. It’s interesting to see what they predicted would happen versus what actually has happened.  Have you ever tucked your baby in, from a telephone booth?

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