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The long-awaited return visit to the NW begins today.

Not that I update this thing regularly, but I’m taking a week’s hiatus.


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In other news …

The new Comcast Ch 1 rebrand is well underway, and the website that we’ve come up with is what I like to call “dominant”.  Play around on it

Also, a Washington’s Lottery campaign I worked on in Seattle is getting rave reviews.  I’m not a copywriter and I know “advertising is perpetuating all of our societal problems,” but I definitely thought the billboards were funny.  Apparently — I was way off.

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Coffee in San Francisco just doesn’t compare to Seattle. On a rainy day, I’m truly missing Uptown Espresso, Caffe Ladro and Caffe Vita.

In the weeks to come, I’ll be experimenting each Saturday morning with a new coffee spot. I’ll report on my findings.

Up first: Blue Bottle Coffee Co. in Hayes Valley

AG – since your tastes could diversify the ratings, what do you say? Do we need to name this Saturday morning outing and make it official?

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