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gilbert arenas’ sneaker war


from his blog:

“I’m a trend setter, people. I don’t want other shoe companies to try to jack my style now. My swag is too phenomenal. If any other basketball player out there wants to compete with my shoes, go ahead, we can have a 50 and Kanye right here. We can start it up, baby. I’ll be the bad guy. We can have a sneaker war.”

adidas continues to oversaturate the “limited edition” sneaker marketplace (think: 35th superstar anniversary, and adicolor series) with 20 different colorways of the GilIIZero’s releasing throughout the season.

the sneaker looks right though (pictured above is the wizard’s away jersey colorway). for more information and detailed releases, his blog.

marketing aside — gilbert is officially that deal.


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it aint a movie dog!

thurs. evening


this guy. whoa!!

the fri. night standard + wait.

the infamous evidence.

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thanks to everyone at campus / wk / lifted (jay, D, des, wulf, dell everybody)

acehole8, the new house is right! i hope you cut the grass though.

razorblade city is wrapped. legacy 9 does it AGAIN!!



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the holy grail.

Nike finally launched their 25th anniversary/web database tribute to the Air Force One:  1thology.  Even if you don’t collect/appreciate/like sneakers … play around on this site anyways.  You can sort by color, style, and year the shoes came out.  Wow.


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Game over?

Let’s be honest … the NBA spot battle has only just begun.

The Nike Freestyle commercial, which anyone who reads this has already seen, has been self-promoted as victory by Mr. AG.

Don’t get me wrong — that’s an incredible idea/ad. (The statement gets its own line for emphasis)

And it even could be the best known Nike ad — by individuals that aren’t necessarily basketball fans. But here’s my “strikeback”.

In my mind, there isn’t an ad or campaign that influenced culture (basketball culture, sneaker culture, the entertainment industry, hip-hop culture) than the series of Mars Blackmon ads for Mr. Air Jordan. In my opinion — pick any of them, its better.

The first Mars Blackmon commercial (Air Jordan III)

Can / Can’t (Air Jordan IV)

Is it the shoes? (Air Jordan V)

And of course, the last Mars Blackmon commercial ever to be made (hopefully)

And in reality — that didn’t even do justice to the other commercials in my mind, both Mars Blackmon commercials, and those that still haven’t been recognized. Here’s one more, a teaser … you can’t even find it on youtube. AG — step your game up. Game on.


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There is something so geeky about, a website where contributors post videos and photos of them opening up their newest gadgets. At the same time though, I love the idea because I think packaging is such a unique (and differentiating) touchpoint for brands and consumers. The site is inspiring to me because I can feel the excitement of getting the newest electronic product that’s just hit the market, but I can also get a sense of how (or if) companies are innovating. Who hasn’t kept the packaging from any Apple product they’ve ever bought?

I’ve recently begun a giant unboxing undertaking in my new apartment, and unlike getting new toys — there’s also an aspect of the process that just isn’t that exciting. It’s a serious love/hate.

LOVE: Unpacking is like opening giant, moving box-sized, Christmas presents. All your favorite belongings that you haven’t seen in over a month. Sneakers, clothes, books, toys … toiletries even.

HATE: Unpacking is like opening giant, moving box-sized, trash cans. Dusty clothes you forgot to wash, knick-knacks from your desk drawers, and all sorts of other stuff you lived without for a month and never once thought of it.

Atleast that was MY experience. Luckily, there’s eBay. AND in true unboxing fashion here’s two highlights from the unboxing fiesta.

I’d be content with just books and sneakers.

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all gone

the finest of street culture 2006. I wanted another book, and it’s really all gone.

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oldie but goodie

he might be old, but Huey Lewis still shops at Dave’s Quality Meat for sneakers.

photo courtesy of the HUF team blog

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