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kanye on nightline


but 2 things:

1.  he claims he’s the mcdonald’s or coca-cola of music

2. his kitchen table is beyond words

print it.

legacy 9, i see you.


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national geo in HD pt. 2

ok. seriously. since I get ATLEAST 10 search hits from national geo-related queries each day, I feel compelled to post another gem I watched last night. Inside the Green Beret’s, which was about an Army special forces unit infiltrating taliban villages in afghanistan, was yet another program choice from national geographic that makes it the most dominant channel in HD. If I were to make a pie chart of my television viewing, a really simplified version might look like this (minus the graphic):

47% mtv jams
27% national geographic hd
17% hd movies
9% other channels

i know.  who cares.

here’s a snippet:

too bad youtube is so … “low-definition,” right?

partna lemme upgradeeee you.

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