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thank you to the nerd with swag


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That’s all, and that’s it.

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the holy grail.

Nike finally launched their 25th anniversary/web database tribute to the Air Force One:  1thology.  Even if you don’t collect/appreciate/like sneakers … play around on this site anyways.  You can sort by color, style, and year the shoes came out.  Wow.


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AT&T of 1993

Here’s a series of commercials from AT&T circa the early 90’s, where they depict the future of communications. It’s interesting to see what they predicted would happen versus what actually has happened.  Have you ever tucked your baby in, from a telephone booth?

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fancy pants adventure

Seriously, do yourself a favor. Play this fresh little flash game.

Good looking out.

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Web 2.0

A cool summary of “Web 2.0,” and all sorts of other things Internet-related in under 5 minutes. The video successfully demonstrates (and validates) that web 2.0 is more than just the latest Internet-boom buzzword, or marketing hype. I think there really is functionality and change related to the term, and more important some technology advances that have allowed for it … see for yourself.  Not surprisingly, the video currently has over 1.5 million views on youtube. It’s similar to Account Planning … what a great example of simplification.  A professor from Kansas State University took such a complex world, the Internet and its intricacies (HTML, XML, RSS, Ajax, Java, etc.) in the year 2007, and distilled it into an easy-to-understand, visual, explanation. ; ) Simplify, simplify, simplify. Check out techcrunch for all things web 2.0 too, very fresh (It’s on my blogroll).  And of course, for more on Account Planning — read this.

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the new (diy) economy

this is old news, but definitely worth a look.

10 new ways to make money online

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